Staying Organized

Happy Wedding Wednesday everyone-

This week I wanted to focus on how I am staying organized throughout the planning process. First off, I want to say this process should never become “stressful” for you. I can understand planning being frustrating at times, hectic, and long depending on the details, BUT I personally think you should never get to a point where its becomes a hassle in your life.

Here are some steps I decided to take to make sure I was balancing my every day routine with wedding plans. I made our wedding website with The Knot, Downloaded The Knot App on my phone, created a wedding folder in my email, and hired a wedding planner.

Our wedding website was the very first thing I created when JJ and I got back from Hawaii after the proposal. I knew I wanted to create my website with The Knot LONG before I knew we would become one of their wedding influencers.

  • The website gives you a sense of excitement when you register for your wedding.

    • I didn’t know our wedding date at the time but I just made one up around the time we thought the wedding would happen.

  • When you sign up its super easy to navigate through the website.

    • Your dashboard provides venues and vendors to research, it shows the details of your wedding budget, and shows your wedding vision.

  • I use the checklist function ALL the time. This amazing function works great with your mobile device as well.

    • Keeps you mindful of dates and when you should have certain things booked for the wedding.

    • Tells you when to meet with certain vendors.

    • Reminds you off small things you probably didn’t think about after the proposal, like insuring your ring!

  • Budgeter

    • Your budgeter will help keep your finances in order.

    • This budgeter is an easy way to see where you are spending your money by showing you in a pie looking chart.

  • Vendor Management

    • This is my favorite function of all! I can keep track of all my vendors, contact names, and notes in here.

The BEST part about The Knot is everything you do on the website you can download The Knot App and everything you created will be on your mobile device. They even sync your calendar automatically with meetings you have scheduled with vendors you booked through the website.

Next, I thought it was a smart idea to create a separate email folder for all wedding things related. Your email WILL, and I repeat WILL get blown up with wedding related emails. I made the mistake of giving everyone at a Wedding Expo in Denver my email address. They are not playing around when it comes to following up with every soon to be bride in Denver.

The final thing I want to talk about is my amazing wedding planner, Adrienne. She owns A Touch of Bliss, which is an event coordinating company based in Colorado. If its in your budget to hire a planner, I would 100% recommend it. Even if you are on the fence about spending the extra money for one, I can tell you it will be worth it!

  • Adrienne handles all my vendor meetings now. She will be the middle man when it comes to any form of communication.

    • This is super important especially if you work a full time job.

  • The planner will keep track of all your contracts you sign

    • This will take you out of the equation to make sure no one is trying to make your contract “flexible” and overcharge you at the last minute.

    • She keeps track of every vendor to make sure they are upholding their contract agreement.

  • Timeline

    • I have the best planner in the world, she created a very detailed timeline for JJ and I.

    • I wanted to be involved with every step in the wedding process so she made sure the time line was very detailed for me to stay up to date with.

  • A sounding board

    • If anything your planner will be your best sounding board. They are there to make this one of the best times of your life and a stress free zone.

    • I can (almost) promise you and planner will become friends during the planning process!