Finding our Perfect Wedding Venue

The search is finally over and we have found the most perfect wedding venue! I thought I would share the journey it took to find this venue… and I will be real with you, it was not the easiest journey.

First off, when you get engaged it is a little overwhelming. I was engaged for exactly 24 hours and all my friends asked the same two questions “where will it be and when is the wedding.” At that point JJ and I had a good laugh and decided no wedding plans for the rest of our vacation.

I wanted to shared the steps that help me stay sane in the venue searching process when I got back from Hawaii.

  1. Our very first step was deciding if we were going to do a destination wedding or stay in Denver - which we decided to stay

  2. Googled top wedding venues in Colorado

  3. Wrote out a list of all venues I was interested in

  4. I then went to each website and did research on the venue

  5. We were able to narrow our list down after researching

  6. Followed each venue on social media to get a better understanding of the venue (call us weird but presence on social media is VERY important to us)

  7. I sent out emails setting up venue tours

As we searched venues we narrowed it down to three The Broadmoor, Lionsgate, and Ironworks. All three were amazing in their own way but we both had our eye on Ironworks from the beginning (it was my number one pick while researching venues).

Funny story- We were deciding on the venues and we had not heard back from Ironworks. I told JJ I thought that venue was out the door and that we were going to go with Lionsgate. I had this feeling in my gut that Lionsgate wasn’t “our perfect venue” but we it was close enough to settle for it. Don’t get me wrong, they had a chandelier barn that was drop dead gorgeous (picture below)… but after seeing the reception area it was a little dated and a little “harsh” for my style. They have original wood with great details everywhere, but it still would have taken A LOT of work to make my dream wedding come true.

Chandelier Barn

Chandelier Barn

I waited until the last minute to sign the contract. Friday afternoon came around and I got an email from Sarah (event and sales manager) at Ironworks. I rushed downtown to tour the venue that day and I knew right away it was our perfect wedding venue. We are so excited to start planning details but the venue itself comes with almost all of the details we need. This venue is what I would call “industrial glam.” It is a great compliment between JJ and I’s style as a couple. We love how you get the gold finishing, chandeliers, and a very modern look to it. The best part about the venue is the history (you can google Iornworks and read all about it.)


Please feel free to reach out with any questions. My email is listed on my blog :)

xo Kayla